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  • Summer is the high season for moving companies. If you can be flexible in terms of the time of your move, don’t wait until summer.
  • Specify the exact date that you want to move and when it would be best for an surveyor to inspect your home in person to prepare an estimate.
  • Check your house before our surveyor arrives. Check from the bedrooms to the storeroom and determine what will be moved, disposed or will remain behind at the house. Show your surveyor everything that you will take with you
  • If you were planning to pack your things, start by collecting boxes and the right materials. Set goals and have everything ready for the moving day.
  • Get rid of all inflammable items, such as: cleaning liquids, aerosol cans, fireworks, and matches. Don’t use boxes that have been holes in them, because things can get out. Drain the water from your iron.
  • Don’t clean furniture before they are moved, because the products used to clean them can stain them when it touches the packing material.
  • Disconnect all electronic equipments, such as: video games, computers, stereos, etc to make sure that they will be at room temperature on moving day.