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Although packing can be a daunting task, Elite Movers has accumulated some tips that will help you packing run as efficiently and effortlessly as possible before we get there.

  • Newspaper ink can stain items such as lampshades and china, so use packing paper instead.
  • Be prepared for accidental drops when packing and unpacking by packing over a padded, cushioned surface to prevent the chance of break items.
  • Load a few boxes of necessary items last on the truck, that way they will be easily accessible when moving into your new house.
  • Make sure all boxes are sealed with packing tape.
  • Categorize boxes for each specific room.
  • As soon as you know you’re moving, pack items that you do not need or will not use until after your move.
  • Avoid over-packing boxes and use a smaller box for heavier items.
  • Create “Open Me First” boxes – Pick one or two boxes per room as “Open Me First” boxes. Put in them the things you’ll need first at your new location. Then mark the sides of the boxes so you’ll know which ones are which.
  • Mark all the boxes with a dark marker & mark on the two sides, opposite one another. That way if a box gets turned, you can still identify its contents.
  • Number all boxes (eg 1/20, 2/20), so that you could and count the same number of boxes are delivered and chase which box is missing.
  • Abbreviate room names – Start box labels with the abbreviated name of the room followed by a box number, such as “BTH2-5” for “second bathroom, 5th box.” You can then track each box to make sure everything arrived safely.
  • Label “Open Me First” boxes where it applies.
  • Mark “Fragile” where appropriate.